WHETting our appetites in Vancouver

WhetThe Edmonton Foodies joined us in Vancouver for Grey Cup weekend and we ventured out for our first culinary adventure to Granville Island’s newest eatery WHET.  Located right along the main drag on Granville Island, is Whet worth its weight? Or should hungry food fans look elsewhere? Read on for our quick review.

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Granville Island Magic

Granville MarketEvery time I visit Vancouver I am dumb struck.  How can this beautiful place be only an hour away from Calgary, the world’s bleakest spot in winter??  Why do I not live here??  Vancouver is positively stunning in fall; the leaves are all manner of red, orange and green. Green grass, green hedges, lots of green that I know endures all winter long.  So, to all those people that say its too rainy and too gray in Vancouver, you have it all wrong!!

Green also defines the Vancouver food scene. Sustainable fishing, organic farming, freshness, vibrancy. These are adjectives commonly seen both eating out and cooking in .  And they particularly describe my favorite place to shop for groceries or prepared items: Granville Island Market. There is something  about this bustling wharfside market that is intoxicating, to say nothing of the exceptional produce, meat, seafood and baked goods available. Every meal I prepare here in Vancouver is 100% better, due entirely to the freshness of the ingredients.

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