We’re Back – Coconut Shrimp

Plated ShrimpYes, we’ve been gone for quite a long while – between exams, projects, and that holiday season thing, life was a tad hectic in Foodbunch land. BUT things have calmed down a bit (for now), so we’re hoping to post more often in the future. Now, on to today’s recipe.

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Fruit Crumble – Simple, Versatile, Delicious.

Served CrumbleAs a home cook, it is important to have a repertoire of recipes you can pull out at a moment’s notice (you know, your family shows up unannounced, you end with a hot date, or you’re just plain hungry). We’ve covered one such recipe before, and today we’re going to show you a really easy dessert recipe that needs very few ingredients and can be endlessly tweaked. Read on for our version of Fruit Crumble/Crisp.

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Tomato sauce – An everyday staple

Spaghetti w/ Tomato SauceWhen I cook, I almost always like to ‘freestyle’ – using what I have on hand to modify recipes and try out new flavour combinations (I don’t, however, rap… sorry to disappoint you). Many people, including the other half of the FoodBunch, really like to cling to recipes – but I would encourage everyone to give freestyling a shot. In my mind, THE easiest way to step slightly outside of the box while keeping a feeling of comfort is by making tomato sauce.

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A NOtaBLE Lunch

Outside NOtaBLEMere hours after consuming most of a turkey, the FoodBunch had a date for lunch at new and hip Calgary restaurant, NOtaBLE (with capitalization inspired by the last name of executive chef Michael Noble). Located rather unconventionally in Montgomery, NOtaBLE has been drawing a great deal of attention on the Calgary food scene.

Michael Noble’s resume speaks for itself. After running popular restaurants in Calgary and Vancouver, appearing on the original Japanese Iron Chef (Battle Potato), and developing menus for Earls, Chef Noble struck out on his own. Serving comfortable food with a gourmet edge, was this a notable experience, or merely commonplace?

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Review: Craft Beer Market

Craft Beer MarketWhat’s a TwoBunch to do on a random Saturday afternoon in Calgary? Try out a new food establishment of course! With breakfast (and a dentist visit) a distant memory, and dinner at least a few hours off, we ventured to 10th Ave SW to give Craft Beer Market a whirl. We’d heard a lot of things about Craft -that the food was excellent, that the service was iffy, and that the beer selection was staggering. What did we think about the whole experience? Read on to find out.

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Beer/Onion Soup, Asian-ish Chicken

Beer & Onion SoupThursday seems like such a long time ago. However, I ate about 48 lbs of turkey and other delicious things this weekend, and I can’t be expected to write anything intelligible with that much tryptophan in my system. So, better late than never it is – our dinner from Thursday, with recipes from Ricardo Larrivee (AKA Canada’s jolliest Quebec chef).

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Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

Mac&CheeseToday I saw a tweet from Food Network Canada about their recipe of the day – Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese. This was obviously instantly desirable, regardless of the equally obvious gluttony of it. The existing recipe sounded excessively cheesy to us (an odd idea, to be sure), so with a few modifications we took a stab at making our own, lowER calorie version.

Read on for the specifics of what turned out to be a rather delicious experiment. Pasta, cheese, hot sauce – need we say more?

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