FoodBunch Certified Ratings!

Nice, fluffy, wordy reviews are great. They tell a story, paint a picture, give context to a situation. But really, it’s quite satisfying to have a concrete grade to stamp onto things. And so, we’re introducing the FoodBunch Certified rating scale. I’m sure many of you are familiar with this scale, with the letter A signifying total and complete awesomeness, and F being REALLY horrendous. Like, all aboard the failboat bad. Seriously, you’d probably have to slap me in the face and feed me uncooked rice to get an F, but you never know…

Anyways, you can look forward to seeing a rating on all restaurant reviews going forward, and via the magic of WordPress, going backwards in time too! Amazing! The ratings will look EXACTLY like this:




Pork Tenderloin Souvlaki

PC Blue Menu Pork Tenderloin SouvlakiSounds delicious, right? Right! Well, we don’t always have the time or energy to make everything from scratch, so sometimes we cheat on our marinades and buy pre-marinated meat. We found these PC Blue Menu Pork Tenderloin Souvlaki kebabs at Superstore a while ago and as it turns out, they’re really good! When we first started buying them, we made all four kebabs for the two of us but we found that with veggies and a starch, one kebab is really all we need. We love that they’re 60 calories each (for those of you who don’t keep track of calories and stuff, that’s a good thing!) and they’re still FULL of delicious flavours!

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Homemade Tzatziki Sauce

We’re BIG fans of Greek food; greek salad, souvlaki, pita, hummus, tzatziki… we love it all! So when we were shopping for things for dinner one day and noticed how many calories are in your average store-bought tzatziki, we were BUMMED. It was no longer on the menu. I couldn’t just give it up though so we decided to just make our own low-fat version. It turned out great so when we had souvlaki for dinner tonight, it inspired me to share this recipe with all you trusty readers!

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Gu-review: Guru – Fine Indian Cuisine

Guru Restaurant & BarWe’re fans of Indian food but we’ve never really ventured out to try authentic Indian food at a real Indian restaurant. Last January, on my birthday, we drove by Guru Restaurant & Bar and I decided I wanted to go there for my birthday dinner later that day; however, true to form, I’d changed my mind by dinner time (probably partly intimidated by the unknown) and had decided  what I really wanted was Italian food so we went to Piccolino Italian Bistro instead.*

Anyway, yesterday we decided to be a little bit adventurous for dinner. With a little back and forth, I suggested we finally try Guru. This was the best dinner choice we’ve made in QUITE some time.

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Act 2, Scene 1: The Next Act

The Next ActToday we were feeling particularly sluggish and our fridge was leaving little to be desired in the grocery department so we went for a little walk in search of sustenance. Normally when we walk down Whyte Ave here in Edmonton, we don’t really look down the side streets… until a couple weeks ago. On this little detour, we took note of a few little restaurants that looked like somewhere we’d like to eat and tonight on our walk, we ended up back at one of those little places for a bite to eat.

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Green Bean and Pasta Salad

Bean&Pasta SaladA few days ago, we bought a rather large bag of green beans at Costco. These beans are great but we’ve been neglecting our kitchen (and cooking duties) so we worried they might start to go bad.

When trying to decide what to do with the beans for dinner tonight, Paul thought salad while Megan thought casserole. We decided to combine the two to make a green bean and pasta salad!

So, here’s our delicious and easy recipe for green bean and pasta salad!

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