About Us

Food. You eat it at least three times per day, every day, for your whole life. Over 75 years, you’re probably going to eat around 85000 meals (if you count those times you just HAD to try that donair place down the street).

So, why not enjoy it? We love food – both home cooked and professionally prepared, so we decided to blog about it. Here’s what you can expect to find here:

  • Musings and reviews of places we eat at, along with associated costs
  • Meals we’ve cooked ourselves, along with recipes (or links to recipes we’ve decided to try/modify)
  • In depth evaluation of the economics of cooking – being students, we’re on a budget, so we attempt to make gourmet choices on a mac & cheese budget
Like what we do? Have suggestions? Let us know. WordPress DOES have pretty sweet commenting features.
Hope to see you around,
FoodBunch (Megan & Paul)
*If you really want to get ahold of us but don’t want to use the comment feature, send us an email at twobunch@gmail.com.

Let us know what you think!

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