We’re Back – Coconut Shrimp

Plated ShrimpYes, we’ve been gone for quite a long while – between exams, projects, and that holiday season thing, life was a tad hectic in Foodbunch land. BUT things have calmed down a bit (for now), so we’re hoping to post more often in the future. Now, on to today’s recipe.

Being that we’re currently holidaying in paradise (Hawaii), we cooked up a tropically inspired dish – Coconut Shrimp. You’ll probably make a bit of a mess putting this together, but the end product is totally worth it!

What You’ll Need:

  • 2 lbs of Shrimp (fresh or frozen is fine, just make sure they’re thawed. We used frozen, peeled, raw, tail-on 31/40* shrimp)
  • Sweetened medium flake coconut
  • 2 eggs
  • Cornstarch
  • Seasoning of some type (pick something that you like, we used a spice mix called Da Rub, which you can buy from here.)
  • Oil (Canola, Vegetable, or other neutrally flavoured oil will work – wouldn’t recommend Olive oil for this though)

What You’ll Do:

First, prepare your shrimp – get them thawed out, peeled, de-veined, and rinsed, then leaved them to drain in a colander. Now, set up your breading station.

Breading Station

In a shallow dish, pour a thin layer of cornstarch, along with whatever seasoning you decided to use – just eyeball the amount of seasoning here. in a second vessel (a bowl) lightly whisk up the eggs. Finally, in a third shallow dish, pour some of the coconut. Now, when you’re ready for a labour intensive process, you can heat up a large frying pan with just enough oil to cover the bottom. Don’t overheat the oil – you want it to be hot, but not smoking… Use your knobs to adjust things as you go. Also, enlist extra hands here, as you’ll need someone to man the breading station and another to make sure the shrimp don’t burn.

Frying Shrimp

It’s a bit of a pain, but its easiest to go one shrimp at a time here. Hanging onto the tail, drag the shrimp through the cornstarch mix to lightly coat it, then dunk it into the egg (also lightly coating it), and then finally pack some of the coconut onto the shrimp. Then, transfer the shrimp directly into the pan, where it should sizzle and brown quite quickly.

These DO NOT take long to cook! About a minute is about all it will take – flip them over when browned on one side, and transfer to a separate plate with a paper towel on it.

Repeat a bunch of times.

Voila! Coconut shrimp that you can most certainly be proud of, and can definitely serve to anybody you want to impress!

As side dishes, we prepared rice cooked in coconut milk, and pan roasted peppers/tomatoes. All delicious! Hope you all enjoy – this one is worth the effort!



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