WHETting our appetites in Vancouver

WhetThe Edmonton Foodies joined us in Vancouver for Grey Cup weekend and we ventured out for our first culinary adventure to Granville Island’s newest eatery WHET.  Located right along the main drag on Granville Island, is Whet worth its weight? Or should hungry food fans look elsewhere? Read on for our quick review.

It was lunchtime on Friday and the atmosphere was pretty quiet.  The restaurant gives off a sort of upscale ski lodge vibe. Nicely appointed, and the washrooms have really cool angled granite sinks (which I forgot to take a photo of). The air was oddly smoky and pungent as if something was burned earlier – not unpleasant but noticeable.  We kind of got the impression that they had just used new baking sheets for the first time.

Whet Restaurant

Paul and Duane were terribly predictable and ordered the cod Fish and Chips.  Megan ventured into carb-ville with Bacon Mac and Cheese and I went for the Seafood Chowder and a side of Southern Cornbread.  The presentations were nice to the eye but we all agreed that the seasoning was lacking particularly in the mac and cheese and the chowder.  The cornbread was light and delicious but for the heavy topping of spicy jalepenos which totally overwhelmed the otherwise perfect taste.  The bacon was totally MIA in Megan’s pasta but she was nonetheless happy.  The coleslaw was the winner on the boys plates – it was nice and creamy and was sprinkled with Craisins – a really excellent combination. The fish was pretty darn good – perfectly cooked, nice and crunchy, and not overly greasy. Generally everyone was happy (ie. full) plus we were lunching in one of North America’s most beautiful cities!  How bad could it be?!

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FoodBunch Certified BThe prices were fairly reasonable, and the menu had a wide range of food choices – ranging from lunch type options to some interesting looking dinner entrees. Overall, we wouldn’t hesitate to return and try some of the other items Whet has to offer. Definitely recommended for any Vancouverites!


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