Review: Craft Beer Market

Craft Beer MarketWhat’s a TwoBunch to do on a random Saturday afternoon in Calgary? Try out a new food establishment of course! With breakfast (and a dentist visit) a distant memory, and dinner at least a few hours off, we ventured to 10th Ave SW to give Craft Beer Market a whirl. We’d heard a lot of things about Craft -that the food was excellent, that the service was iffy, and that the beer selection was staggering. What did we think about the whole experience? Read on to find out.

The place: Craft Beer Market
The address: 345 10th Ave SW, Calgary
The style: “New North American Classic” – High-end pub grub
The cost: $15-30 per entree, but with almost-daily food specials

Upon arriving, we discovered that it was the first day of the new Brunch menu, which sounded alright to us, as it was barely noon. We were also told that due to confusion in the kitchen, we would have to wait to be seated, despite a mostly empty restaurant (we later learned that the kitchen was in fact just dandy, and that the front of house staff was just disorganized). This was a little annoying, but understandable, being that it was the first day of Brunch. After finally being seated 30+ minutes later, it was time to wait yet again – we weren’t served, greeted, or even acknowledged until close to 1 o’clock. Our server, to put it bluntly, had the personality and tact of a mud flap, and looked as though she had been in a bar fight a few hours earlier. We were told that we could only order Brunch items, although we had seen burgers, nachos, tacos etc. be delivered to tables around us – turns out she just hadn’t bothered to ask the kitchen if lunch items were available yet.

Fast Food Sushi

Fast Food Sushi

A bit unprofessional to say the least. But, we were eventually able to order our lunch (it was about 130 at this point). We picked out a couple items: Fast Food Sushi (how can you not?!), and a Prosciutto & Arugula Flatbread. The food was comparatively speedy, taking only 15 minutes or so to arrive, although the Fast Food Sushi looked like it had spent a few minutes under the heat lamps. Flavour wise, the ‘Sushi’ was quite tasty, but a little heavy on the sodium. The idea behind this dish is essentially a bite-sized burger and fries. The filling consists of strips of burger, cheese, and fries, wrapped in bacon, and accompanied by a nice vinegar-y barbeque sauce and pickles cut to look like pickled ginger – genius. I think the creamy sauce was trying to be a dijon mayonnaise of some type, but neither of us really liked it and we both thought it tasted like not much of anything. All in all a very clever dish, and indeed, it did taste just like a burger and fries!

Prosciutto & Arugula Flatbread

Prosciutto & Arugula Flatbread

The flatbread was definitely the winner as far as flavour goes. The bread itself was nice and crisp, with a hearty, yeast flavour. The tomato sauce added a nice amount of acid, and along with the lemon dressed arugula balanced the salty, cured prosciutto beautifully. Additionally, the cheese was quite sharp in taste, with a nutty aroma, and we both thought that played very nicely with the acid level. Between the two of us, these two dishes were sizeable enough to fill us up without feeling overly full (perfect!).

Craft Beer List

Craft Beer List

In summary, Craft is definitely a place we would recommend trying – just make sure you have your expectations straight. It is NOT a good choice if you have any sort of schedule or time limitation, but would be a perfect place to hang out with some friends and have a meal. If Craft can get their service situation figured out, I expect they will have great success, but they desperately need to polish up the face they are presenting to their customers.

FoodBunch Certified C


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2 comments on “Review: Craft Beer Market

  1. Last time I was there we had the same type of service… slow! And I’m pretty sure we had the same waitress, who at the time, appeared to be a little intoxicated. Definitely not my favourite food either but it hit the spot I suppose. I’d recommend it as a place to have a few beers (as they have so many) rather then a meal.

  2. NOT our favorite place to eat or be at all in this city… The first time we went we seated ourselves (as I think this is their policy) and after sitting for at least 10mins we were finally greeted by a rather rushed and removed waitress. We got her name in very “Hi I own this joint so don’t dare complain manner” and ordered our drinks Beer of course and when I asked her for a Cider she said they didn’t have any on their taps ??? Weird I thought cause after all the place is called Craft Beer Haus! Anyways after waiting again for about 20 mins she finally came back and asked us
    if we wanted food. We ordered their flat bread which was terrible. It came out Cold.. Literally… and just very unappealing sent it back and ordered another and it came out just as bad… FAIL.. Our server was No where to be found When we eventually got our bill it still took about 15-20 mins to settle which ended up being with another person and that was that. The Second time (last night) again was just a FAIL in our eyes… Our server was VERY cold and slow. VERY SLOW!!! But to my surprise they now had Cider on their menu?? UGH so I was instantly frustrated from my first visit when the server said they had none (Don’t they know their own menu) We ordered our drinks and wings (Which are by far the worst in the city) I don’t recommend their BBQ and they were small, sauceless and once again.. COLD!!! So disappointed. I really think they need to raise their standard of service and get their kitchen in order.. Its such a shame cause the venue is amazing but the service is CRAP!!!

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