Gu-review: Guru – Fine Indian Cuisine

Guru Restaurant & BarWe’re fans of Indian food but we’ve never really ventured out to try authentic Indian food at a real Indian restaurant. Last January, on my birthday, we drove by Guru Restaurant & Bar and I decided I wanted to go there for my birthday dinner later that day; however, true to form, I’d changed my mind by dinner time (probably partly intimidated by the unknown) and had decided  what I really wanted was Italian food so we went to Piccolino Italian Bistro instead.*

Anyway, yesterday we decided to be a little bit adventurous for dinner. With a little back and forth, I suggested we finally try Guru. This was the best dinner choice we’ve made in QUITE some time.

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A NOtaBLE Lunch

Outside NOtaBLEMere hours after consuming most of a turkey, the FoodBunch had a date for lunch at new and hip Calgary restaurant, NOtaBLE (with capitalization inspired by the last name of executive chef Michael Noble). Located rather unconventionally in Montgomery, NOtaBLE has been drawing a great deal of attention on the Calgary food scene.

Michael Noble’s resume speaks for itself. After running popular restaurants in Calgary and Vancouver, appearing on the original Japanese Iron Chef (Battle Potato), and developing menus for Earls, Chef Noble struck out on his own. Serving comfortable food with a gourmet edge, was this a notable experience, or merely commonplace?

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Granville Island Magic

Granville MarketEvery time I visit Vancouver I am dumb struck.  How can this beautiful place be only an hour away from Calgary, the world’s bleakest spot in winter??  Why do I not live here??  Vancouver is positively stunning in fall; the leaves are all manner of red, orange and green. Green grass, green hedges, lots of green that I know endures all winter long.  So, to all those people that say its too rainy and too gray in Vancouver, you have it all wrong!!

Green also defines the Vancouver food scene. Sustainable fishing, organic farming, freshness, vibrancy. These are adjectives commonly seen both eating out and cooking in .  And they particularly describe my favorite place to shop for groceries or prepared items: Granville Island Market. There is something  about this bustling wharfside market that is intoxicating, to say nothing of the exceptional produce, meat, seafood and baked goods available. Every meal I prepare here in Vancouver is 100% better, due entirely to the freshness of the ingredients.

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Review: Craft Beer Market

Craft Beer MarketWhat’s a TwoBunch to do on a random Saturday afternoon in Calgary? Try out a new food establishment of course! With breakfast (and a dentist visit) a distant memory, and dinner at least a few hours off, we ventured to 10th Ave SW to give Craft Beer Market a whirl. We’d heard a lot of things about Craft -that the food was excellent, that the service was iffy, and that the beer selection was staggering. What did we think about the whole experience? Read on to find out.

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Beer/Onion Soup, Asian-ish Chicken

Beer & Onion SoupThursday seems like such a long time ago. However, I ate about 48 lbs of turkey and other delicious things this weekend, and I can’t be expected to write anything intelligible with that much tryptophan in my system. So, better late than never it is – our dinner from Thursday, with recipes from Ricardo Larrivee (AKA Canada’s jolliest Quebec chef).

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Act 2, Scene 1: The Next Act

The Next ActToday we were feeling particularly sluggish and our fridge was leaving little to be desired in the grocery department so we went for a little walk in search of sustenance. Normally when we walk down Whyte Ave here in Edmonton, we don’t really look down the side streets… until a couple weeks ago. On this little detour, we took note of a few little restaurants that looked like somewhere we’d like to eat and tonight on our walk, we ended up back at one of those little places for a bite to eat.

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Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

Mac&CheeseToday I saw a tweet from Food Network Canada about their recipe of the day – Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese. This was obviously instantly desirable, regardless of the equally obvious gluttony of it. The existing recipe sounded excessively cheesy to us (an odd idea, to be sure), so with a few modifications we took a stab at making our own, lowER calorie version.

Read on for the specifics of what turned out to be a rather delicious experiment. Pasta, cheese, hot sauce – need we say more?

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Green Bean and Pasta Salad

Bean&Pasta SaladA few days ago, we bought a rather large bag of green beans at Costco. These beans are great but we’ve been neglecting our kitchen (and cooking duties) so we worried they might start to go bad.

When trying to decide what to do with the beans for dinner tonight, Paul thought salad while Megan thought casserole. We decided to combine the two to make a green bean and pasta salad!

So, here’s our delicious and easy recipe for green bean and pasta salad!

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